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Pressure points in the heel

Do you experience chronic pain? Reflexology provides an alternative to traditional pain medications. One approach of reflexology is to massage pressure points. With the proper techniques, these pressure points can... read more

How Chinese cupping can aid digestion

One area that is often overlooked during massage therapy is the abdomen. This is generally because client and therapist both have reservations, or possibly are not comfortable addressing this area.... read more

Benefits of Chinese cupping to promote wellness

Thoughts about traditional Chinese medicine typically conjure up images of acupuncture, yin and yang and the heavy use of natural herbs for overall healing. But for most of us, Chinese... read more

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy is not simply about pampering yourself and relaxing for an afternoon or a day. It is about taking care of your mental and physical health. Massages affect many... read more

Explaining foot reflexology

Foot reflexology. It’s not a fancy word for a foot massage. It is actually a therapy based on a very complex system of body zones. Relaxing Foot Spa, promoting natural... read more

Reflexology is more than a foot massage

A reflexology foot massage rejuvenates more than just your feet. After a reflexology treatment, your whole body will feel like it can take on the world! With so many success... read more

Hot stone massage to promote wellness

Perhaps you’ve seen the iconic spa picture of a comfortable-looking person lying on a table with stones lined up along their back. It's not just a pretty picture, but an... read more

Benefits of foot reflexology - Part 2

Humans have spent centuries traveling the globe for the fountain of youth: a cure-all that could alleviate pain and suffering. Many men have sailed to unknown continents searching for this... read more

Benefits of foot reflexology - Part 1

Your feet work hard for you. Think about it: these two appendages can carry your entire body weight all day, usually in unforgiving shoes that disrespect every last nerve in... read more

Chinese cupping to promote natural healing

At one time or another, we all experience aches and pains. Life can be stressful and we often don’t take the time to rest and recover from our busy lives... read more

Benefits of foot reflexology to promote wellness

Prescott: home of clean air, blue skies, soft clouds, stunning views, majestic wildlife and more. How could anyone be stressed? And yet, we are. Relaxing Foot Spa wants to promote... read more

Promote natural health with reflexology and Chinese cupping

In the stress of our busy lives, we often fail to give our bodies the rest needed to keep us healthy. With so many illnesses related to stress, Relaxing Foot... read more
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