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Foot Massage, Reflexology, plus free Neck and Shoulder Massage

Foot Massage Therapy with Relaxing Foot Spa in PrescottAt Relaxing Foot Spa, our professionals are trained to use skillful hand pressure to ease muscle aches, fatigue, stress and anxiety. Become relaxed and energized with a foot massage and reflexology session. Hot towels and hot stones are included in all foot massage and reflexology sessions, plus free neck and shoulder.


Foot Massage | Foot Reflexology

This massage therapy is based on the understanding that there are small and specific nerve areas of the feet that correspond to specific organs or muscle groups of the body. The science of reflexology recognizes that the nerve endings in the feet provide a “map” of the rest of the body.


Regular Foot Massage

Foot massage and Reflexology includes hot stones and hot towels. Your entire body will feel the results! If you truly want to relax your entire body and/or if you have pain, muscle aches, fatigue or stress, a one hour treatment by our highly trained therapists will make you feel wonderful!

30 minutes, $25
60 minutes, $39
90 minutes, $59
Plus Free Neck and Shoulder



Deep Reflexology

If you desire the ultimate in full body integration, then a deep tissue Reflexology treatment is the answer. Each meridian in the feet, hands, ears etc., reflects on the entire body. Our skilled therapists will release even the tightest muscles with these deep tissue Reflexology methods that are centuries old. Hot stones and hot towels are included for the ultimate one hour experience to wellness.

30 minutes, $30
60 minutes, $59
90 minutes, $80
Plus Free Neck and Shoulder


Relaxing Foot spa offers Free Neck and Shoulder Massage with Foot Massage in Prescott

Hot Stone Massage

For added relaxing therapy, we always include a hot stone massage in which smooth, flat, heated stones are applied to the skin. Hot stone therapy has many benefits including releasing muscle tension, reducing stress and anxiety and these warm stones just feel wonderful for a true relaxing experience.

Relaxing Foot Spa has chinese cupping services in Prescott
Chinese Cupping

This ancient technique uses suction cups to relieve pain and inflammation in any area treated. It only takes a few minutes and the results are amazing. The skin in the treated areas may be red for a few days.

$15 add on service
$25 stand alone


At Relaxing Foot Spa, we care about your health and well-being. Our foot massage and reflexology sessions will ease pain, discomfort, stress and anxiety. Combined with our Chinese cupping, our therapies will bring your relaxation to a higher level.


To learn more about how foot massage, reflexology, and Chinese cupping can help with many common health concerns, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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